Scrap aluminum car radiators

Scrap aluminum car radiators

This valuable non-ferrous raw material for secondary aluminum is constantly in high demand. It can be turned in to this company:

What is an automotive radiator

The radiator is used to cool the engine of a car. It is made of metal that has good thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, resistance to corrosion. For a long time radiators were made of copper. In modern cars began to apply a lighter and cheaper aluminum devices.

In principle, the device consists of a reservoir for the coolant, tubes and elements that improve heat exchange. The latter include:

plates (mostly in obsolet

e models);
Corrugated strips (bands).
The devices are durable, reliable, provide sufficient heat exchange of motors of almost any power. However, over time, they fail – they lose their tightness due to wear or mechanical damage. Repair of holes, cracks is expensive and often fails. As a consequence, you have to dispose of the entire unit.

How do we accept aluminum radiators?
Scrap automobile radiators are accepted at collection points without quantity or quality restrictions. The price is determined by an expert on the basis of the batch weighing and visual examination. Factors affecting the price include:

Aluminum grade;
Presence/absence of contamination (paint layer, antifreeze, oils, glue, plastic);
Degree of blockage.
Higher individual rates are set for large quantities of aluminum scrap. It is most advantageous to surrender a large amount of scrap metal with removal. Order the service by phone, and the Metal-Snab loaders will come to the address indicated in the application, will load, weigh, assess and remove the scrap aluminum radiators, previously calculated with the client.


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