The process of selling a used vehicle is not always easy and smooth for the owner of the car. Especially if there are many buyers, all of them have their own opinion on the price and condition of the car, demand a discount and generally take up a lot of time. In this situation, you may not notice the warning signs of unscrupulous buyers and find yourself in an unpleasant situation, when you need a lawyer for fraud. There are many schemes to “swindle” the sellers of vehicles, but the most common are just a few of them. The only place where there are no scammers scrapping heavy equipment.

The first involves the use of counterfeit bills, moreover – dolls (bundles, on the edges of which there is money and inside – colored paper). This scheme is used after the transfer of documents and keys. At first, the owner is given a real bundle of money, counting the banknotes, in which he falls short of a few bills, then the cheaters discreetly change the original money for the doll, adding the missing banknotes on top. Avoid such a turn of events is possible only by exchanging the money for documents in the bank with the transfer of the entire amount to the account of the seller of the car.

The second scheme of deception is imaginary test drive. You can protect yourself from almost sanctioned theft of the car only by constant presence in the car during the test drives requested by the buyers. Even more than that – it won’t hurt to have a friend with you, who will help you in case the swindlers have too serious intentions with the car.

You can also lose your car and money if you are too detailed about the car’s security device. Some alarm system experts come under the guise of buyers and ask what firm protection is installed on the car, how it works and what are the peculiarities of its work. You should not be frank with them, as detailed questioning on this topic will most likely lead to the fact that you will need a lawyer for fraud.

Peculiarities of cashless payment
Today’s auto theft professionals can counterfeit not only cash, but also bank statements. If the buyer says he transferred funds for the car to an account, shows solid bank statements and even screenshots from online banking, this is not yet a reason to give him the keys to the car and the documents for it. The deal can be completed only after the owner receives the money on his account. It is desirable to make sure in person at the bank.


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