For the layman it sometimes seems incomprehensible, for what reason it is necessary to treat the installation of car alarm system with great care. It would seem to install the central unit so that it is not visible, connect sensors and plug the siren in a free space under the hood. It can not be easier. However, this installation very often leads to a deterioration of the interior salon. And bypass or disable this alarm is not very difficult. Since the effectiveness of the car alarm system, in no small measure, depends on the quality of the installation. This is confirmed by the specialists of this company: https://towingandscrapcarremoval.ca/heavy-machinery-removal/.

In a situation where the alarm system failed to scare away the hijacker, and he managed to cope with the locks, the immobilizer will save. There are several options for implementing an immobilizer. The braking system, fuel supply or steering can be blocked. Or simply interrupt the power supply, necessary for the operation of the engine subsystems. Explore the range of immobilizers and installation options on the Hammer Center website. The advantage of immobilizer is that when it breaks or de-energizes, the car remains in a locked state. It is noteworthy that the immobilizer will not protect against the theft of things from the cabin, but compared to the theft of the car, it is a minimal loss.

High-tech protection devices are very easy to use and reliable, but only against the not too experienced hijackers. In case an intruder is familiar with modern technology and well prepared, he has a good chance to get the control

signals, which come from the key fob, and use them for their own purposes. In order to increase resistance to burglary, it is worth insuring the car alarm system with a mechanical lock, for example, on the steering wheel. Without the key, it is extremely difficult to open the lock and it will take a lot of time. Moreover, the intruder will have to work directly inside the car, which i

ncreases the risk of detection.

Nowadays electronics can make people’s life if not better, then more comfortable. For example, a

parking sensor makes maneuvering in a confined space much easier. A set of sensors notifies the motorist about the detection of obstacles at a short distance from the car. The driver is given a visual and (or) audible signal, which intensifies when approaching an obstacle. And for confident drivers parking sensor will not be superfluous, since it allows you to control the blind


Video cameras can be used as an additional means of review in the car. They put cameras in the license plate, in the trunk or hood, and sometimes on the glass. The information is transmitted to the special screen, which is installed on the dashboard. The rear view camera is very useful during the parking process and can, to some extent, become a substitute for the mirrors. The front video cameras are usually used for maneuvers that involve entering the oncoming lane.


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