Changing the filter in the car air conditioner

Changing the filter in the car air conditioner

Car air conditioning is no longer a luxury, but a common occurrence. Cars and buses are equipped with them. The following variants of air conditioners are possible:

with a mechanical drive;
with electric drive.
High-quality filling of the air conditioner in a car, order it in a service station. There you can also ask what are the most expensive car repairs.

But in this article we shall concentrate not on air conditioners, but on the filters and their care.

If the filters are not cleaned regularly, pathogenic bacteria and fungi, which accumulate on foam and on a radiator grill, cause a serious damage to driver’s and passenger’s health. The following health-related complications are possible:

Acute respiratory disease (ARI);
Fungal pneumonia, etc.
As a filter, foam rubber variations are very popular, detaining the suspended matter that comes with the air flow. Cleaning and washing this type of filter is not difficult for the driver. To do this, remove and then put back the decorative grille of the air conditioner.

HEPA filters are the next generation of filters and are made with a porous fiberglass base. In addition to combating that dust, modern filters are also successful in combating certain types of pathogenic bacteria. They can not be washed (because of washing they lose their performance), cleaning is done with a vacuum cleaner, or you can

If you want to get clean air in the cabin without the characteristic odor of road smoke, pay attention to filters based on charcoal. If you drive in the city, where there is no smog due to fires in the forests and peat bogs, such filters are changed once a year (it is impossible to wash them). If you live in the countryside, sand takes out the filter many times faster.

In addition to the filter itself, pay attention to the evaporator. If you run it, bacteria will occupy this area. To prevent this from happening, it is washed with soapy water, and air conditioner grids are treated with ultrasound. The latter procedure is not cheap, but you should not economize on your health.


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