Caring for the leather interior

Caring for the leather interior

The neat appearance of the car can tell a lot about its owner. Just like a person is met by his clothes, the condition of the car is judged primarily by its exterior shell. Leather saloon of the car looks stylish and expensive, but without proper care leather with time will lose its softness, luster and will become covered with wrinkles and cracks. You can properly care for the leather interior of the car on your own, without overpaying money in specialized services.

Unfortunately, not all motorists are familiar with the rules of care for the leather interior of the car. Most motorists are sure that car care boils down to one or two trivial cleaning procedures when heavily soiled. However, careful monthly cleaning and moisturizing manipulations will guarantee long life, you will not have to spend money to retouch the interior after a few years of use. But if the car is old, it makes more sense to recycle it. First of all, you will get rid of junk. Secondly, you will have a good amount of money, which can be added to a new car:

The leather interior of a car is sensitive to external factors:

large temperature fluctuations;

direct sunlight;

extreme cold and heat;

high humidity;


First of all, try to limit the influence of external factors. Take care of proper care in different periods of the year. From April to October, when the car will be exposed to direct sunlight, it is recommended to treat 1-2 times a month, so you will prevent drying and shrinkage of the skin. From November to March, on the contrary, cleaning is recommended no more than once a winter, because the frequent treatment and low temperatures can lose elasticity.

Tools for caring for the leather interior

What products are useful and safe in car care?

All products should be mild in composition and should be specifically designed for cleaning from dirt.

A minimum set of products includes: microfiber towels, soft-bristle brushes, a chemical cleaner for your leather type, conditioner, cream.

The first step is to clean off dust, crumbs, and solids. By ignoring this step and immediately proceeding to the application of detergents, there is a risk of scratching the upholstery with large hard particles or failing to achieve deep dust cleaning. You can use a vacuum cleaner or brush at this stage.

The second step is to apply a conditioner that keeps the leather soft and supple. Note, quality products should not leave a sheen and oil film. Included in the conditioner glycerin and vitamin E will form an additional protective barrier against loss of moisture and elasticity.

After the first two steps, allow the surface to dry completely. Spread a cream that protects the surface from ultraviolet light and other negative factors.

Before applying detergents and care products, you must make sure that they will not leave dark stains or aggravate the situation. To do this, try a new product on a little-noticeable area, gently rub it, let it dry naturally.

Don’t forget, different types of cleaners, conditioners and grooming creams are sold for artificial and natural leather.

Peculiarities of car care for the interior of a used and new car

For new car care, you’ll need special stain cleaners, grooming creams, and conditioners.

Apply the cleaner with a soft rag.

Clean the surface in a circular motion and leave the skin to dry for 15 minutes.

Apply protective cream in a circular motion, and leave the cream to dry for 20 minutes.

As for used cars, you should be patient and be prepared that not all stains and wrinkles you can remove with your own hands.

You can use glycerin to clean stubborn stains. Dip a rag in glycerin and gently rub it into the skin. The peculiarity of glycerin is that it not only removes stains perfectly, but it also makes the rough skin soft again. Allow the rest of the glycerin to soak into the skin, wait 15-30 minutes.

Use a dry piece of rag to remove any glycerin that has not been absorbed.

Apply a protective cream.

Try to avoid overly chemical formulations in skin care products, they can do harm and permanently damage the drape. Choose cleaners with a mild composition.

How to maintain the appearance of upholstery and prolong its life span

If you want to keep the upholstery in good condition, you should know how to care for it and take preventive measures to keep it supple, soft and shiny for a long time. It is easier and cheaper to follow preventive measures than to spend money on repairs and cleaning.

Use soft brushes, cleaners, protective creams.

Do not carry sharp and massive objects that can damage the upholstery.

Try to remove all dirt as soon as it appears, without waiting for it to dry.

Don’t smoke in the car, the leather immediately absorbs all the unpleasant smells, and the dropped cigarette charcoal can easily make a hole in the seat.

Do not chase the high price of care products, pay attention to the composition, shelf life, read the reviews before buying.


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