Car tracker capabilities – tasks, specifics, advantages

Car tracker capabilities – tasks, specifics, advantages

One of the most popular trends in transport monitoring recently become GPS-trackers on the car. Their main task is to provide transport movement control, optimization of work processes and detection of the facts of unauthorized fuel consumption, “illegal” flights and other unauthorized actions of employees, which can be a real threat to stable work and competitiveness of the company-employer. If it is too late to install such a device on your car, read how to scrap a car in toronto.

The main “ability” of a GPS beacon is to determine and transmit the coordinates of the car to its owner. However, many trackers also support other useful functions.

– Accelerometer – marks the beginning of car movement and immediately turns on the device;

– Microphone – can be remotely turned on by the owner to listen to what is happening in the cabin;

– Route recording – saves waypoints and allows you to build a path;

– SOS function – starts to transmit the coordinates to the owner every 5 minutes if the car is stolen;

– Feedback – some trackers can not only send coordinates, but also receive SMS commands, through which the motorist can remotely turn off the engine, lock the doors or turn on the vehicle’s lights;

– Condition monitoring – by connecting additional sensors, you can use the tracker to learn about the opening / closing doors, monitor the engine speed, elapsed engine hours and temperature.
The advantages of a beacon in a car from theft

What is a GPS tracker, if not a universal way to always be in touch with the car and know where it is? The very control over the location gives the car owner confidence. After all, with a beacon you can always know that the car is in its place, and even track it in case of theft.

A tracker in the car will also be useful in a large family where the car is used by adult children or other relatives. If one of them gets into trouble, you can always know where the vehicle is parked and come to the rescue.

And finally, the owners of corporate cars with the help of GPS tracker can find out if the drivers use the company vehicles for personal purposes, and whether the declared period of operation / fuel consumption corresponds to reality.

GPS tracker – what is it, a necessity or just an additional way to control your car? Either way it is a technology that makes owning a vehicle more convenient and safer.


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