A smart approach to choosing car tires

A smart approach to choosing car tires

A car is in the possession of almost every modern average family today. Nowadays, almost every average family owns its own car. To further operation of the car was safe for your life, you need to constantly monitor the technical serviceability of the car. In this case, the characteristics of the tires that you have chosen for your car are of great importance. And, often, the price of tires Michelin or any other selected, will depend precisely on the technical indicators inherent in it by the manufacturer. And if you have an old car, you can recycle it using scrap my vehicle brampton.

The average life of automobile tires is two to three years. In the same case, when the motorist prefers extreme driving – steep turns and sharp braking, the possible life of the tires significantly decreases.

What to consider when choosing tires

Before you go to buy tires, carefully study the technical specifications, which must meet the new purchase. You can find this data in the service book, which was given to you when you purchased the car. It may contain, for example, the following indicators: 210/40/ZR16. Deciphering these designations is quite easy. The first number indicates the profile width. The second value indicates the percentage ratio of the profile height to the width value. The last indicator is the tire radius.

The best option is to buy the car tire of the model that was originally installed by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, such possibility is not always present, and specific tires may simply not be on sale.

As it was mentioned above, the first parameter you need to focus on when choosing car tires is the height and width

of the tire. Incorrectly chosen size of car tires can have a negative impact on the wear rate of tires and the degree of driving safety. It is possible that if you purchase a larger tire size, the tire will rub against the fender of the car. If the size of the tires you purchased is smaller th

an the required size, there is an i

ncreased likelihood of increased stress on the undercarriage of the car. At the same time, tires with a radius value less than that recommended by the manufacturer may cause damage to the wheel rims. If you decide to buy wide tires, it is important to be aware of the consequences of such purchase: an increase in fuel consumption, as well as an increase in car weight.

A few more nuances

It is also important to remember about another equally important nuance – the seasonality of tires. Choosing the best tires, every driver should ask himself the question of what time of the year the purchase of tires is relevant at the moment. Consider that the use of winter tires is recommended by experts at a steady temperature of 4°C or lower.


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