9 simplest recommendations that will not allow you to “ruin” a diesel engine

9 simplest recommendations that will not allow you to “ruin” a diesel engine

Knowledge of the rules for operating a diesel engine will eliminate critical breakdowns of power units, and the car will last as long as possible, without requiring any serious and expensive repair work. Let’s talk in more detail about how not to kill a diesel engine by improper operation and cash for scrap cars.

The simplest recommendations
To exclude serious damage to the diesel engine, the car owner must adhere to the following simple recommendations:

1) change the oil in a timely manner;

2) use additives correctly;

3) avoid water hammer of the engine;

4) control the condition of the spark plugs;

5) take proper care of the cooling radiator;

6) timely change the timing belt;

7) use exclusively high-quality fuel;

8) change antifreeze on time;

9) check the condition and change the air filter.

Often, car owners forget about the need to replace consumables, replacing them on a leftover basis, or when the engine already has serious malfunctions. Remember that you should not save on maintenance of the engine, this prevents serious malfunctions, eliminating the need for premature repair of the car engine.

Passing deep puddles correctly
Deep puddles on the road not only can lead to aquaplaning of the car, but also threaten us with a hydraulic shock of the motor. If water gets into the air intake pipe, then this threatens with serious problems for the car engine. Therefore, try to stay away from such deep puddles, and if you do not know this or that section of the road, you should still either refrain from such a trip, or check its depth before starting to force the puddle.

Correct use of additives
To date, there is no consensus on the need to use additives in fuel or oil. If the driver nevertheless decides to use such auto chemistry, one must remember that it must be of high quality, which will allow avoiding various kinds of problems with the car’s engine.

Use of quality fuel
If the car owner pours not very high-quality diesel fuel into the gas tank, ultimately this leads to contamination of the fuel system, it is required to open the engine and carry out its overhaul. Therefore, make it a rule to use only high-quality fuel, you need to refuel only at strictly defined gas stations, the quality of which you are completely sure of.

Timely oil change
Many people forget that diesel engines need to be changed more often than gasoline engines. This is explained by the fact that diesel fuel contains more soot and other inclusions, which invariably end up in the oil and lead to its rapid contamination and loss of its performance characteristics. Therefore, in order to avoid critical vehicle malfunctions, the engine oil should be changed every 5-7 thousand kilometers.

Cooling system maintenance
Neglecting to maintain the cooling system and not cleaning the radiator will result in constant overheating of the engine, ultimately causing premature wear and serious malfunction. It will be necessary to wash the radiators every 1-2 years, be sure to change the antifreeze, and if necessary, carry out other maintenance of the car’s engine cooling system.

Let’s sum up
The absence of critical damage to the power unit will depend on the correct operation of a car with a diesel engine. It is necessary to change the engine oil in a timely manner, maintain the cooling system, fill the gas tank with exceptionally high-quality diesel fuel, and also very carefully overcome deep puddles, which eliminates the possibility of a hydraulic shock of the motor.


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